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We have returned once again, this time from a time warp to the mid-1980s where we have altered history by stealing away with a couple of choice records from Japan… they’ll never miss it and our resulting timeline is probably not the darkest one as a result! This week Jeremy and minty-fresh-cohost Caleb are joined by fan favorite Frederik “Blipblop” Lauridsen to show off our anachronistic booty in the form of Akihabara Electric Circus – Toy Music: Dancing Super Mario Brothers. If you think that’s a mouthful, just wait until you get an earful! “Thriller via Ray Parker Jr” vibe is something else, and we’re reminded that Nintendo franchises from the 80s were still a less defined and less homogenous phenomenon. Next, Caleb brings us our Super Mario entrée two ways with Mario Syndrome, which is not only a credible name for a congenital disease but also a pretty funky Lionel Richie style proto R&B jam, and more! We don’t want to spoil anything for you but let’s just say that you will find this record both a fun listen as well as a learning experience.

Next we catch you up on the new releases and announcements, including a little more time travel to announce something from Channel 3 Records that is both unknown but also thoroughly sold out. We discuss the continuing Great Vinyl Weirdness of ’21 with respect now to the possible ongoing fallout for labels and consumers as backups and lead times only get longer. Indie bands and small businesses are reportedly starting to turn away from the vinyl format for logistical reasons, and Caleb and Frederik give a bit of insight on whether there’s any danger for video game music on vinyl record!

Outro: “Metroid” – Toy Music: Dancing Super Mario Brothers

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Viewtiful Joe (Ship to Shore) (Very OK Vinyl) (Black Screen Records)
Darkwood (Ship to Shore) (Black Screen Records)
Gears of War: Original Trilogy Soundtrack (Laced Records)
Tekken 5 (Laced Records)
Tekken 6 (Laced Records)
Sounds of Summer 2021 (Black Screen Records) (free, pay shipping)
The Medium (Black Screen Records) (Ship to Shore)
Humankind (G4F Records)
The Songs of Time (Respawned Records) (Mango Mage) (sold out)
Ys: The Oath in Felghana (Wayo Records) (Light in the Attic)
Dead By Daylight (Return to Analog Records) (sold out)
Final Fantasy X (Square Enix)
Brutal Legend (Fangamer) (sold out)
The Outer Worlds (Private Division)
World for Two (Qrates)
Stormrite (Kickstarter) (£700 tier)

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