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Your favorite single-button adventure through the round (and flat) world of video game music on vinyl has returned! This week we speak with Scott Geoffrey from burgeoning record label Very Ok Vinyl about the particulars of curating, producing, and (mostly) shipping wax from the not-so-frozen-right-now north. Scott takes us right into our first feature this week as we discuss developer Cat Nigiri’s two-button metroidvania game Necrosphere. The game is unusual, the developer and composer are rather distinctive, and the music itself jams. We go into a bit of the special characteristics that made Necrosphere the optimal choice as VoV’s inaugural release. Anthony glides us down (Mode 7 style) to our next feature, Wayo Records’ Actraiser. The idiosyncratic SNES class-by-itself “god game plus action platformer” also enjoys a great Yuzo Koshiro score, and the vinyl release fully brings it. The Wayo release also includes a recently-reorchestrated symphonic arrangement of the game’s score, and we weigh the pros and cons of either interpretation.

We cover the recent releases and upcoming chase items (as well as breaking Anthony’s heart and wallet a few times), and call it a wrap for this episode, because we’re just that efficient and awesome.

Outro: “All Over the World” – Actraiser (unofficial release), Yuzo Koshiro

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont, @veryokscoot, @veryokvinyl


Esperwave (Channel 3 Records)
Silent Hill 3 (Mondo)
Silent Hill 4: The Room (Mondo)
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Laced Records)
The House Of The Dead (Cartridge Thunder)
Box set
Ys VI: The Ark Of Napishtim (Streaming Arrow Records) (Very Ok Vinyl) (Chipfreq) (Black Screen Records)
Dragon Slayer: The Legend Of Heroes (Streaming Arrow Records) (Very Ok Vinyl) (Chipfreq) (Black Screen Records)
Fields Of Ys (Streaming Arrow Records) (Very Ok Vinyl) (Chipfreq) (Black Screen Records)
Ys Healing (Streaming Arrow Records) (Very Ok Vinyl) (Chipfreq) (Black Screen Records)
River City Ransom (Limited Run Games)
The Huntdown (Limited Run Games)
VS. Tricky (Friday Night Funkin’ mod) (Turtle Pals Tapes)
Crawlco Block Knockers (Ship To Shore PhonoCo)
Heaven Will Be Mine (Fangamer)
Boundless – A Musical Tribute To Earthbound (Kickstarter)

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