We’re riled up for this episode of the podcast with a select screen full of fighting games! This week we’re joined by DJ Mengzy from the dance/club scene in Hong Kong to do some chip damage against Guilty Gear Memorial Record, released by Arc System Works and based on the Daisuke Ishiwatari rock-themed fighting game series. Jeremy comes clean on this serendipitous but expensive Tokyo Games Show pickup, and Caleb finally understands what is Guilty Gear. We explore the over-the-top self awareness of the game’s soundtrack and revel in the unnecessarily epic storyline. Next, Mengzy helps us unbox the Tekken 3 original soundtrack from Laced Records. We wax nostalgic over the Playstation home version and discuss the differences between the arcade and PS1 soundtracks for this seminal game. Mengzy gives us an education about tempo and genre as we explore the character roster and listen to some “phat beats.”

We get a chance to talk to Mengzy about remix, dubstep, and what it’s like to go from being a music fan to an academically-accredited and experience-rich DJ in the club scene, and she shares a few game-adjacent selections that may or may not be consider “novelty” music in the serious club scene

Finally we cover new releases and a highlight a few records you may want to add to your shelf, and, spoilers, a purchase might be confirmed from the panel before the end of the show! Who exhibited weakness in the Iron Wishlist Tournament? Tune in and find out!

Outro: “Big Blast Sonic” – Guilty Gear Memorial Record, by Daisuke Ishiwatari

DJ Mengzy: Instagram, Facebook

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont, @ch3records

The Elder Scrolls Online (Spacelab9)
A Total War Saga: Troy (Laced Records)
Spiritfarer (iam8bit)
Sonic Colors: Ultimate (iam8bit)
Gris Piano Collections (Materia Collective)
NieR: Become As Gods (Materia Collective)
Children Of Morta (Minimum Records)
World Of Ruin (FFVI piano arrangement) (Respawned Records) (sold out)
Sable (Hello Merch)
In Other Waters (Black Screen Records)
Summer In Mara (Kitty On Fire Records)
Magic Castle (Yetee Records)
FAR: Lone Sails (Limited Run Games) (sold out)

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