It’s Halloween, and like the man said: “Ve vant to spin your winyl!” Well, we’re spinning our winyl anyway, and they’re all rather spookity in honor of the season. First, Jeremy brings new meaning to the season of chilling with a rather cool rendition of Resident Evil with RE:Mixed [The Save Rooms], which is the kind of compilation we always wanted but then didn’t want but then secretly totally really wanted. We suppose synthwave might have limited breadth but it’s always fun and we pick some fan favorites to show off. Next, Anthony takes us to the weird intersection of horror and feng shui with Kowloon’s Gate, a 1997 horror game that defies classification. The game’s soundtrack by Kuniaki Haishima is similarly tough to comprehend but we stare into the mouth of its madness with our ears, and marvel at Haishima’s liner notes, an absolutely epic manifesto of existence. Finally we shift into horror of another kind: moral panic, with our long-overdue coverage of Night Trap from Ship to Shore Records. We compare and contrast the music of Sunny Blueskyes and Martin Lund with the gameplay, and place it all in the context of the US congressional hearings of the 1990s. No, it doesn’t make any more sense now than then.

Finally, we fill your trick-or-treat bag with all the new releases in the world of game music on vinyl, but we’re going to take our dad tax because it’s just how this holiday works.

Outro: “RE0” – RE:Mixed [The Save Rooms] by Mono Memory

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Final Fantasy – Heroes And Villains (Square Enix)
Crest Of Flames, Fire Emblem Three Houses (Materia Collective)
Deltatunes (Roborob Deltarune remix) (Materia Collective)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2  (Laced Records)
Serious Sam 4 (Laced Records)
Mega Man Legends 2 (Ship To Shore PhonoCo)
Darius II  (Ship To Shore PhonoCo)
Axiom Verge (Limited Run Games)
Axiom Verge 2 (Limited Run Games)
Going Under (Black Screen Records)
Jet Force Gemini (Fangamer)
The Last Of Us Part II: Covers And Rarities EP (Mondo)
Jettomero: Hero Of The Universe (Stumpy Frog Records)
Heroes Of Might & Magic III (Gamemusic Records) (sold out)
Metal Slug X (Wayô Records)
STS (exclusive):
Theme From Space Guards (Notstands Komitee Bandcamp)
TrickStyle (Respawned Records)
Hazy River (Smoke ‘Em Out Struggle + Vs. Annie Soundtracks) (Turtle Pals Tapes)
Last Day Of June (Music On Vinyl)
Metroid Cinematica (Kickstarter)

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