Show notes:

It’s back, and smaller than ever! Or, maybe it’s just as small as ever! The freshly-perennial 7inchstravaganza returns with our second entry in this Burning Man style fanfest for some of the smallest music we’ve got on record. Jeremy is joined by a power-duo of your favorite regular guest hosts, Aaron from Ship to Shore Media and Jeff from Marshall Art, to go through a full listen to a gaggle of the greats. This is undoubtedly the most convenient, enjoyable, and informative way to hear these, so get on board and make some room as we take a walk on the teensy side!

Twitter – @vg_grooves@jeremy_lamont@STSphonoco, @MarshallArtBand

Phogs (Channel 3 Records)
Hecho en Hyrule (Channel 3 Records) (sold out)
Diablo II: Resurrected (Blizzard Gear Store)
Demon Turf (Black Screen Records)
Highway Blossoms (Very Ok Vinyl)
Forza Horizon 5: Hospital Soundtrack (Hospital Records)
Dying Light 2 (Black Screen Records)
Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion (iam8bit)
Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy (Mondo)
The Belmont Tapes (Noir Grime Bandcamp)
The Falconeer (Wired Productions) (Limited Run Games)
Overcooked! (Demon Records)
Tsuhikime -A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon- (CD Japan) (Play-Asia) (HMV)
Pieces Of Eight (Respawned Records) (sold out)
Paprium (Kickstarter) ($80 add-on after $1 pledge)
King’s Chill Vol. 2 (Qrates)