Show notes:

It’s that time of year again: thick fog makes things difficult, surprises abound, relationships with loved ones get complicated, and someone is always watching you. Christmastime? Or Silent Hill? On the Video Game Grooves podcast it is both! Curl up in your fuzzy slippers with some eggnog and check in on three jolly elves bringing you some of our all-time favoritest video game music on vinyl. First, Anthony lets loose with the long-awaited Silent Hill 3 from Mondo. The music and vibe of the series is simultaneously worthy of praise and ridicule, and we indulge in a bit of both. We recognize He-Who-Konami-Shall-Not-Name (Akira Yamaoka) and we shame whoever designed the jacket because they probably did it in the dark. Next, Jeremy takes us beyond the veil (of lucha libre!) with Guacamelee, from Ship to Shore Media. We heap praise on this meme-infused platformer of yore, while appreciating nearly every aspect of its design and execution, not least of all is the score by Rom di Prisco and Peter Chapman. We explore the vibe and culture of the game and its music as well as the lasting impression it has made on the gaming scene and for the developer.

We continue with the recent news in vinyl releases, including some crowdfunding opportunities and quick sell-outs (remember to follow us on Twitter!) and we discuss the recent supply shakeups in vinyl production resulting from big orders of Adele’s recent album and what this all means for the relatively niche market for video game music on vinyl. Check us out and share!

Outro: “Hometown” – Silent Hill 3, by Akira Yamaoka & Joe Romersa

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Double Dragon I & II | (Channel 3 Records)
Death’s Door (Laced Records)
Tekken 7 (Laced Records)
Gears Of War (Laced Records)
Gears Of War 2 (Laced Records)
Gears Of War 3 (Laced Records)
Godfall (Amazon)
The Artful Escape 7″ (iam8bit)
Ruined King – A League Of Legends Story (Riot Games)
OneShot (Fangamer) (sold out)
Ballads Of Hyrule II (Rozen)
Celeste Complete (Ship To Shore)
The 8-Bit Time Machine (Enjoy The Ride) (Respawned Records) (both sold out)
Distant Worlds V (Distant Worlds website)
Friday Night Funkin: The Bob Album (Turtle Pals Tapes)
Beasts Of Maravilla Island (Kitty On Fire Records) (Bandcamp)
CROWDFUNDING: Legend of Synthwave (Zelda cover) (GameChops Bandcamp)

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