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No fighting game soundtrack left unfeatured! At least, that seems to be our motto, but can you blame us? We just can’t pass up these pristine pressings of pugilistic polyphony! This week, Anthony takes us back to class and demonstrates the musical evolution of the Street Fighter series with Street Fighter Alpha 2. We listen to some of the riffs on the classic SF2 themes, and we’re introduced to some new ones that fit seamlessly into the pantheon of music… but what are we left humming? Then we take a jog on the jazzy and jiggly side with Skullgirls, jamming to Michiru Yamane and Vincent Diamante’s homage to the 1940s, while the gameplay recalls Marvel vs Capcom 2. The game’s interesting history and ambitious art and music are front and center for appreciation. We may throw down a few gauntlets in this episode. Ready? Fight!

We press on to discuss the “genre” considerations of listenability and vinyl pressing. Why have fighting games been regularly featured on VGG, and what types of games seem to be missing? We also catch you up on the latest releases and announcements! Could international currency exchange work in your favor this week? Mmmmmaybe.

Outro: “Guy Theme” – Street Fighter 2 Alpha, by Setsuo YamamotoSyun NishigakiTatsuro Suzuki

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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Vinyl (Square Enix US) (Square Enix JP)
Final Fantasy Chocobo and Friends (Square Enix US)
Final Fantasy 9 (Square Enix US)
Needy Girl Overdose (Frontier Works, Amazon JP)

Deathloop (Limited Edition X4LP Boxset) (Laced Records)
Deathloop (Deluxe Double Vinyl) (Laced Records)
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Laced Records)
Far Cry 6 (Laced Records)
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Streets Of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare (Brave Wave)
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About That… Paradise Killer B-Sides (Black Screen Records)
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Board game:
Unpacking (Limited Run Games)
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Banjo-Kazooie Re-Jiggyed (Respawned Records) (Black Screen Records)
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A Hat In Time Vol. 2 (Yetee Records)
Detroit: Become Human Vol. 2 (Quantic Dream) (Limited Run Games)
Bomberman I & II (Ship To Shore PhonoCo.)
Traveler – A Journey Symphony Vinyl (Bandcamp crowdfunding campaign)
Gabriel Knight – Synths Of The Fathers (arrangement album) (Two Guys Records, Qrates)
Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (Music On Vinyl)

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