Hello traveler! We have been traveling too! Our turntables are not especially portable so we’ve been off the grid as the weather has gotten warm, but we’re back and the time is now! Anthony and Jeremy combine to form one large man podcast who wants to talk about some video game music on vinyl, so let’s get to it!

In this episode we have a lot to say about arrangement albums, and to give their props where they are due. So we’re featuring a scarcely-known unofficial mash-up release that imagines the music of Square Enix at a huge stupid rave. This is Rave SQ, so get your twirling glowsticks and hula hoops! We talk about the curation involved in a “mixtape” style vinyl record, and discuss the unusual choice to feature community and official tracks, and we learn that you can still have a lot of fun with cheap 3D glasses. 👓

We turn our attention to a fully-official remix album, in the form of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition vinyl from Square Enix. Yasunori Mitsuda takes the already-unique score for Chrono Cross and applies a new layer of composition and delicacy over the top of it that we just love. We talk about the “maturity” of the musical style of the album and appreciate everything from the intimate guitars to the dry macaroni shakers. The opinion is split on the “out-of-frame anime hair” cover, though.

We then power through to a broader discussion of the remix and arrangement community, and discuss the general lack of official interest in arrangements and remixes. The game-music-loving public has stepped up though, and we reflect on the range of quality output from both official and unofficial sources.

Finally, the new releases and announcements for recent weeks get their airtime, and the links below will help you snag your needed fix! Thanks for listening!

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Episode 14 :: SQ Trax, Brutal Legend