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As the hot days of summer drag on, the thoughts of music lovers (and video game lovers, and vinyl lovers, and video game music on vinyl lovers) turn naturally to… bands and jams. And particularly, our thoughts turn to INDIE bands and jams. And one of our favorite little indie game + music projects that has also been released on vinyl is Teenage Blob, now celebrating its second birthday. So it’s the perfect time to sit down with members of the band The Superweaks to discuss this “EP game”, or a game that was developed in conjunction with a 6-song EP album release, to create a bite-sized game jam that is also a music jam.

Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo introduce us to the band and its history, its relationship and collaboration with Ben Rausch and Team Lazerbeam, living in a warehouse-style artist collective in Philadelphia, and what does hot sauce have to do with all this?

Teenage Blob is a delightful, referential, and bite-sized game experience that can be found on Steam and (the vinyl edition has sold out between the time of recording and publishing! sorry!)

The Superweaks

Team Lazerbeam