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It’s been a while since we had a real episode, but we’re back from summer vacation into a lovely autumn, chock full of outer space, intestinal parasites, and swing harmonica. Of course this means that we are joined by Troels Pleimert, the Space Quest Historian, for his inaugural voyage into the moderately unknown world of video game music on vinyl. We finally get to dig in deeply to the world of adventure games and their presence (or lack of it?) in the game music vinyl space, and we open with a “Stellar” entry from SQH himself, Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier Reorchestrated! We talk about the music of the series going back to Space Quest 3, the vagaries of MIDI (possibly pronounced “meaty”) music, and eventually end up in a discussion about how many cats have been lost in vinyl mishaps. We also get to hear about an upcoming project from Troels and friends in the band Error 47 that absolutely boggles the mind in its niche-ness, and we may get a special sample on-air!

Outro: “8-Rear” – Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco and the Spinal Frontier, by Dan Kehler & Neal Grandstaff

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