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As we drift through the festal season of the year, Video Game Grooves returns like some kind of semi-mythic fae village which serves as the object of various musicmaking… Could be Zeal, could be Brigadoon, who can say? At any rate we are back with special guest Chehade Boulos from Mana Wave Media to see what he’s been up to, lo these many years. And it turns out he’s been quite busy, and we’re excited to look at a couple of projects he contributed to! First, we explore the wonder and mystery of Symphony of Zeal, the symphonic adaptation of Chrono Trigger originally produced by Malcolm Robinson. We may just be confirming suspicions that this is a Chrono podcast disguised as a game music vinyl show, but what the heck, we like it. We take a moment to reflect on our discussion topic mid-selection: the relative high standard of quality control that we have enjoyed in the midst of huge production delays and resource scarcity. We then turn a tight corner and head into the turn with Art of Rally, which is simultaneously a casual car-racing time-trial game but also a hardcore education about rally racing by way of a speculative alternate history. And did we mention the music by composer Tatreal is super chill and awesome?

There’s also plenty of new releases this season and a lot of stuff is shipping to you, so we take some time to remind you about all of that, and we hope your season-so-far is merry, bright, and filled with game music on vinyl record! We sure ❤️ that, don’t you?

Outro: “Last Battle” – Symphony of Zeal, by Malcolm Robinson

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Kind Words (Mana Wave)
Lifeless Planet (Serenity Forge)
Final Fantasy XI 20th Anniversary Best Selection (Square Enix)
Bravely Default (Square Enix Music)
Various iam8bit releases
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocture (Fangamer)
A Plague Tale: Requiem (Black Screen Records)
Tunic (Stumpy Frog x Mango Mage)
Konami Lofi Beats To Chill To (Ship To Shore PhonoCo.)
The Ninjawarriors (Ship To Shore PhonoCo.)
Rogue Legacy (Fangamer)
Sonic Frontiers (Data Discs)
4LP box set (sold out):
Fantasy Zone (Data Discs)
RuneScape: Elder God Wars (Laced Records)
Resident Evil (PS1) (Laced Records)
Hotline Miami 1 & 2 Complete Collection (Laced Records)
Hundred Days (Black Screen Records)
Bushiden (Black Screen Records)
Zombies Ate My Neighbors Metal Tribute (Respawned Records)
20 (arrangement album by The Oneups) (Troggo)
Frog Fractions (Turtle Pals Tapes)
Blue Fire (Mango Mage Records)
VGM Essentials: Pokémon Remixed (Firaga Records)
Moonglow Bay (Yetee Records)
Sam & Max Save The World (Skunkape Games)
Portal 2 (Mondo) (sold out)
Video Game LoFi: Winter’s Tale (Curaga Records)

Sandwalkers (Red Art Games)
Zelda & Chill III (GameChops)

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