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Our podcast returns in the year that is and will be 2023! We open with features of one of Anthony’s all-time wishlist items (in unofficial off-the-back-of-some-guy’s-vinyl-truck form), Parasite Eve. We reflect on the oddity of this memorable Square Enix PS1 title, both in its plot and its development, as well as Yoko Shimomura’s dynamic snare drum skills. Is it possible to make this into a “lofi beats to study to” album? We weigh in. Next we shift subtly into the dreamythumpy sounds of Q-Games’ Pixeljunk Eden 2, and the fingerprints of electronic artist Baiyon are all over it. We flash back to 2008 when the original Pixeljunk Eden came out and discuss the zeitgeist around the game, and reflect on the singularly simple mechanics and zone-out vibe. Jeremy discusses his desire for Eden-inspired wall art, and the after-market price of the game suddenly changes during recording.

We look at the “mercifully short” list of releases so far in January, although several big box sets (possibly from Japan!) are looming out there ready to grab your wallet and choke it to death.

Finally, we look at a recent article asking the question “did the music business just kill the vinyl revival”, and we talk about whether the hobby is in a slump, a recession, or whether it’s the nature of the beast. (Original article here.)

Glad to have you back in 2023! Niche team, unite!

Outro: “Se Il Mio Amore Sta Vincino – CM Version” – Parasite Eve, by Yoko Shimomura

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