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When time is a flat circle, the turntable of continuity brings familiar things around again. This is the case with today’s episode as we plumb the depths of gaming nostalgia with Troels Pleimert, the Space Quest Historian. In this episode, we finally get a chance to talk about the Commodore 64 tour-de-force ninja simulator, Last Ninja 2 by Matt Gray. Our discussion reminds us that 30+ years ago, truly pioneering things were happening in the gaming space and in the music space that still echo in creativity today. Also we learn that ninjas and New York City were (and remain) the cultural touchstones of many a 1980s kid, wherever that 80s kid may be. We continue by vibing along to King’s Chil Vol. 1, produced by Troels and Two Guys Records. We hear about the unusual origin of the album, the talented community that stepped up to create it, and learn a thing or two about floppy diskettes and seagull butts.

We continue with the new releases for the month, including some that have quickly been snapped up and still a few others that are calling to you to give them a forever home. The fare has been lighter than expected this year, but don’t expect that to last!

Finally, we discuss the notable difficulty that music from games in the MS-DOS platform era have had being represented on vinyl. Troels discusses difficulties and opportunities in that vinyl space, and gives Video Game Grooves listeners advance notice of an upcoming crowdfunding project that will interest a number of PC gamers and FMV fans.

Outro: “Oracle (Infinite Knowledge Remix)” – Brandon Blume, King’s Chill Vol.1

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