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Occasionally the weird world of video game music presents us with something on vinyl that is so confounding, we simply have to talk about it. This is the case for today’s episode as we dedicate this show to a box set with is truly special and wholly unexpected: Sonic Frontiers: The Music of Stafall Islands, by Tomoya Ohtani. The Data Discs release captures Anthony’s heart and bends Jeremy’s head as we try to make heads or tails of the gravitas and the quiet power of one of the best(?!) games of 2022. As we glide through the musical movements of the in-game islands, we hear from the composer’s notes about the cultural flavors he aimed for, the musicians of past Sega games that contributed, and the existential miasma of fishing with Big the Cat. We will probably not be the same after this show.

We also cover new releases and announcements in the world of video game music on vinyl, and we end on a rather downer note as we reflect on the recent announcement of the significant downsizing of Mondo after it was bought by Funko last year. Is there something educational or even positive that might come from it? Probably not.

Outro: “Theme of Starfall Islands” – Tomoya Ohtani, Sonic Frontiers

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Release Links
Suikoden (Ship to Shore) (Black Screen Records) (Very OK Vinyl) (Chipfreq)
Time Once Lost (Majora’s Mask arrangement) (Mango Mage Records)
Sifu (Laced Records)
Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection (Konami Shop)
Final Vendetta (Bitmap Brigade)
The Last Spell (Kid Katana Records) (The Algorithm, Bandcamp)
p e r s o n a (Wizard of Loneliness, Halcyon Tapes)

The Order 1886
From_. piano works

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