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It has been a spell, but in the spirit of of a timeless thing that is happening again for the first time, we have returned. And we’ve brought something special with us from the great unknown: video game music on vinyl record! This episode features Street Fighter Alpha 3, and we’re pretty sure this is the final entry of all the Street Fighter vinyl that will ever exist, forever. Anthony appreciates the departures the game makes stylistically and musically from the rest of the series, observing that the game arrived at a particular technological and artistic nexus, and perhaps the Gameboy Advance game was truly the best version overall. Jeremy then gets out his wild-eyed conspiracy board persona to discuss the weirdest cultural event that has never ceased, with the iam8bit release of Blaseball: Discipline. Most of this segment is pretty breathless and confounding, but maybe you can learn a thing about the unfathomable energy and circumstance of Blaseball. Or if nothing else, listen to some cool music by The Garages.

We then cover the new releases (from a few weeks ago, regrettably, but many are still available!) and we discuss the question that really should have been asked from the beginning: is there anything that is just too weird to go into your collection, or admit to anybody you know?

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Release Links
Devil May Cry (Laced Records)
Mega Man Battle Network 3 (Ship to Shore Media)
Virtua Fighter (Cartridge Thunder)
Victoria 3 + Victoria 3: Melodies for the Masses (Paradox Interactive)
Batman (NES arrangement) (Hello Sir Records)
Rebirth + Despair (NieR:Automata arrangement) (Mango Mage Records)
Earthbound Papas – Dancing Dad (Dragon Memories)
The Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy (8bit Is Enough)
They Are Billions (Microids Records) (Light in the Attic)
Arkanoid: Eternal Battle (Microids Records) (Light in the Attic)
The Many Pieces Of Mr. Coo 7″ (game bundle) (Meridiem Games, Amazon)
Scourge Of The Underkind (Eleventh Hour Games)


Zeldawave: Temples (Midwest Collective)–2
Needlemouse Mania (Sonic arrangement) (Firaga Records)
Video Game LoFi: Skyrim (Curaga Records)
One Beat Angel (Final Fantasy VII arrangement) (Firaga Records)


Dead By Daylight Volume 3 (Return To Analog)
Gamedec (Winylowa)  MUSIAL%09Gamedec/14316
Wingspan (Winylowa)

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